We Need to Take Urgent Action

We've reached the key halfway point for our climate goals since the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015.

Bold action must be taken across society to rapidly decarbonise cities if we are to reach the global target of reducing global emissions by 43 per cent by 2030 as an interim step to net zero by 2050.  

The Liveability Challenge is back and on the hunt for ground-breaking innovations across the world that enables large-scale decarbonisation, climate adaptation and resilience, as well as efficient and circular food systems.

Win more than S$2 million in funding from Asia's largest sustainability solutions platform.

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The Challenge Statement

The seventh edition of The Liveability Challenge features two main themes:

1. Climate Change

We are looking for disruptive innovations that can capture and utilise carbon at scale to create products for the global market and innovations that  generate cost-effective renewable energy. We are also  looking for adaptative solutions that strengthen and protect our ecosystems, societies and infrastructures from the effects of climate change.

The winner of this track will receive S$1 million in grant funding.

2. Food & Nutrition

We are looking for solutions that create urban, circular food production systems in the space of agriculture, aquaculture and alternative nutrition. We are looking for breakthrough innovations that maximise production efficiency while minimising resource requirements to improve the key nutritions for current and changing demographics.

The winner of this track will receive S$1 million in grant funding.

Thank you for your overwhelming interest!

The Liveability Challenge 2024 submission window is now closed and we will be releasing the results of the shortlisted finalists sometime next month. Stay tuned!

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