TLC 2018


RWDC Industries, whose proposal replaces single-use plastic straws with drinking straws made from a certified biodegradable biopolymer is the winner of The Liveability  Challenge 2018 with biodegradable straws. With the win, RWDC Industries will produce biodegradable straws that would decompose under regular natural conditions into water and carbon dioxide.

The Asian Century is here

Our cities are booming, populations are growing, and rapid economic development is transforming the region. It’s the dawn of a new era, and a chance to get sustainable development right. But as cities fill up with people in search of brighter futures and better livelihoods, we need solutions to ensure that cities are green, clean, resilient and cool. In short, cities that are liveable.

The Liveability Challenge aims to close the financing gap between the ideas that will make our cities better and the investments that will make these solutions a reality.

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Deeper discussions

The audience was treated to an intimate fireside chat with En Lee, Partner and Head of Asia Pacific at LGT Impact, the impact investment arm of LGT, the world’s largest family-owned private banking and asset management group with over US$200 billion in assets under management.

Titled Funding the Future, it sought to answer the question of how society can support the growth of much-needed, sustainable solutions today and how to make these attractive for private equity and venture capitalists. The dialogue was moderated by Daniel Lin, Executive Director of FundedHere.

11 July 2018
Grand Finale, Marina Bay Sands

Following a successful two-month global call for innovative, ground-breaking solutions in waste management and cooling, over 200 applications from 34 countries around the world were filed and the six most promising ones selected.

On 11 July 2018, six teams took the stage at The  Liveability  Challenge Finale and pitched their innovative solutions to make Singapore a more liveable city in an exciting showdown to secure up to S$1 million in funding. Some of these solutions include biodegradable foodware, a vacuum-based solution for outdoor cooling, and a reverse vending machine that pays for waste in cryptocurrency.  Finalists included  TRIA, Neso, Project Klean, Indoor  Climate  Technologies, RWDC Industries and Latheacond  Technologies.

RWDC Industries emerged the winner of S$980,000 in The  Liveability  Challenge 2018 with biodegradable straws.  RWDC Industries overcame five other finalists at the inaugural edition of  The  Liveability  Challenge to walk away with S$980,000 to jumpstart its proposal to replace single-use plastic straws with drinking straws made from a certified biodegradable biopolymer.


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