2. Food & Nutrition

Food resilience is a critical pillar in the world's ability to sustainably feed our growing populations. With rising constraints on land, water, and energy, coupled with climate change and global supply chain disruptions, there is an increasing need for countries across the world to enhance their food resilience to ensure reliable and affordable access to food supply in the face of unexpected challenges and disruptions.​

TLC is looking for innovative solutions that can enhance food resilience and safety in three critical areas: agriculture, aquaculture, and alternative nutrition sources. ​

We are seeking for breakthrough technologies to provide affordable, nutrient-dense and safe foods.

We are looking for solutions that:

  • Deliver breakthroughs in maximising production yield while minimising resource requirements and waste outputs (e.g. lower energy consumption, minimal carbon emissions), in at least one or a combination of these areas critical for food resilience: agriculture, aquaculture and alternative nutrition​
  • Deliver breakthroughs in extending the shelf life of perishable food, without compromise on food safety​
  • Produce foods with improved quality of essential nutrients without compromise on taste and texture

Other considerations. Solutions should:​

  • Be commercially viable and scalable in a dense urban environment​
  • Conduct the pilot in Singapore

Winners of each track will walk away with grant funding of S$1 million

Submit Your Winning Solution

TLC welcomes all projects at or above Technology Readiness Level (TLR) 6 and has already achieved proof of concept. While teams may be based anywhere in the world, the proposed project must be applicable to Singapore or Southeast Asia (for nature-based solutions).

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