1. Climate Change

With the acceleration of climate change impacts across the world, there is an urgent need for both mitigation and adaptation measures to ensure thriving, liveable environments for our growing populations. While we continue to decarbonise and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we also need to focus on strengthening the resilience of our ecosystems and wider society from the current and future impacts of climate change.​

TLC is looking to build on its efforts in enabling solutions that remove carbon emissions at scale, including revolutionary technology-based carbon capture, utilisation and storage solutions; low-carbon solutions for energy, urban infrastructure, transport and logistics. TLC is also looking for adaptive innovations, including nature-based solutions, that address climate change effects such as extreme weather and sea-level rise.

We are looking for solutions that:

  • Effectively capture, and convert carbon emissions into useful products (e.g. building materials, reclamation sand or synthetic fuels)​
  • Generate cost-effective energy from renewable sources (e.g. hydrogen, wind and tidal energy)​
  • Significantly reduce the carbon emissions produced by industries and buildings (e.g. cooling systems)​
  • Drastically reduce the negative impact of climate change (e.g. mitigating extreme heat, urban heat island effect)​
  • Builds climate-resilient communities for at-risk groups (e.g. mangrove restoration along coastal communities to combat sea-level rise) through sustainable and replicable business models

Other considerations. Solutions should:

  • Be carbon negative in the overall lifecycle and have zero/minimal externalities​
  • Be technology-based (e.g. physical, chemical); or nature-based solutions (e.g. community models)​
  • Be commercially viable and scalable​
  • Conduct the pilot in Singapore (for technology-based solutions) or within Southeast Asia (for nature-based solutions)

Winners of each track will walk away with grant funding of S$1 million

Submit Your Winning Solution

TLC welcomes all projects at or above Technology Readiness Level (TLR) 6 and has already achieved proof of concept. While teams may be based anywhere in the world, the proposed project must be applicable to Singapore or Southeast Asia (for nature-based solutions).

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