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The global population is set to hit 8 billion this year.

With rapid urbanisation gripping Asia, the decarbonisation of our economies and cities has become more urgent than ever.

Bangkok and Jakarta are sinking. Bangladesh is hit by the worst floods in a century. Guangzhou's coastline is disappearing.

At the same time, climate change is warming our oceans and making it more acidic. Our marine ecosystems are under severe threat, exacerbated by overfishing and pollution.

With rising constraints on land, water, and energy, food security has also risen to the top of the agenda.

How can we establish circular, net-zero urban food systems?

We need to take urgent action.

That is why The Liveability Challenge (TLC) was launched in 2018, to spark a global hunt for innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges of urban cities.

With five editions completed, The Liveability Challenge will be back in 2023 with a sixth edition.

This year, we are doubling the prize money to S$2 million, featuring two tracks:

1. Climate Change
We are looking for disruptive innovations that can decarbonise energy generation and industries, as well as capture and utilise carbon to create scalable products for global markets. We also want solutions that address ocean challenges including  innovative models that restore and regenerate coastal and marine ecosystems in Southeast Asia.

2. Food & Nutrition
We are looking for disruptive innovations that can establish a circular urban agriculture or aquaculture system, or alternative protein system.  We are seeking innovative and breakthrough technological solutions to maximise production efficiency and minimise resource requirements.

Find out more about our challenge statement here.

The Liveability Challenge will award a grand prize of up to S$1million for the winner in each track.
Other funding prizes include investments of $100,000 each from our strategic partners: impact investment firm PlanetRise, impact-focused family office Rumah Group, and venture capital funds Quest Ventures, TRIREC and PeakBridge.

We want all solutions that deliver a positive impact.

Make your submissions before 31 March 2023

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Kathlyn Tan

Director, Rumah Group

James Tan

Managing Partner at Quest Ventures

Mike Lim

Partner, Trirec Pte Ltd

Lim Hock Chuan

Head, Programmes,
Temasek Foundation

Jessica Cheam

Founder and Managing Director,

Steve Melhuish

Entrepreneur & Impact Investor,

Planet Rise

Jolene Lum

Head of Client Development,

Thomas Brzostowski

Director of Strategic Development,
Asia Pacific,
The Nature Conservancy

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Co-presenter of the Food & Nutrition track
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