Submissions extended to 16th April, 2020, 11:59pm
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Submissions now open! 
Submit your ideas before 17 April 2020

All solutions submitted to The Liveability Challenge must fulfil the following criteria to be considered:

• Must have proof of concept •
• At least Technology Readiness Level 6
• Must be applicable to Singapore and urban environments in the tropics  •

The themes for 2020 are Urban Food Production, Circular Packaging and Decarbonisation.

The Liveability Challenge Process:

Step 1

Register your interest

Step 2

Receive invitation to submit full application within 48 hrs

Step 3

Submit your full application by 17 April 2020, 11.59pm (GMT+8 Singapore time)

Step 4

Finalists announced by 22 May 2020

Urban Food Production

Urban farming represents an opportunity to improve food security in cities and minimise agriculture-related emissions—but still consumes a large amount of resources today. We're looking for technological solutions that will deliver a breakthrough in sustainable urban food production.

Submitted solutions should:
  • Produce novel food or alternative proteins
  • Considerably improve nutritional quality of food over current methods of production
  • Enable certain species of crops/livestock to be farmed in cities for the first time
  • Reduce resource and input requirements (eg energy, water land use) for production
  • Significantly increase productivity for food/nutrition production
  • Result in minimal waste output and/or demonstrate circular use of waste materials
  • Be scaleable

Circular Packaging

We're looking for innovative packaging solutions to replace or reduce packaging waste made from plastic, glass, virgin/hard-to-recycle paper, or aluminium. These solutions should be useful in the retail, fashion, beauty, logistics and food & beverage industries.

Submitted solutions should:
  • Drastically reduce the resources that go into packaging
  • Enable manufacturers/producers to do away with packaging altogether
  • Equal the performance of conventional, unsustainable packaging and be cost competitive
  • Be closed-loop: Either compostable, recyclable or bio-degradable
  • Make use of renewable feedstock. The solution should consider the availability and sustainability of feedstock


We’re looking for solutions that will enable cities to capture and use carbon in a productive, sustainable way. Key considerations include how long CO2 captured can be sequestered and kept out of the air.​ We’re also searching for game-changing, disruptive new solutions to decarbonise traditional sectors and processes in industries such as logistics, mobility and more.   ​

Submitted solutions should:
  • Enable the large-scale capture of atmospheric CO2​
  • Effectively capture, store or convert CO2 using little energy and space​
  • Turn captured CO2 into a viable product stream​
  • Be carbon negative in the overall life cycle​
  • Take a systems approach to carbon capture and storage/utilisation​
  • Demonstrate demand for outputs produced​
  • Drastically reduce the carbon emissions produced by industries or sectors
  • Be commercially viable and scaleable​

Finalists in The Liveability Challenge 2020 could secure the following:

Up to S$1 million in funding by Temasek Foundation•
1-year venture building package at The Circularity Studio •
A mentorship with Closed Loop Partners •
A spot in TXG Sustainability Business Accelerator Program •
• and more to be unveiled •

Secure your spot on  this page, and you’ll receive a link to the full submission form within 2 days. Projects will only be considered if submitted through Incomplete submissions or solutions that do not meet the criteria outlined above will be declined.  Note that the two-stage application process will need to be submitted by 17 April 2020, 11:59pm GMT +8. Criteria for the evaluation of submissions can be found under the FAQs section.

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